• Installation glue Moment Fix PROFI

Installation glue Moment Fix PROFI

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Installation glue Moment Profi Fix with high grip and easy applicable out and indoors. Its special formula makes it waterproof.

It can be applied on wood, metal, concrete, hard PVC, bricks, Styrofoam and ceramic tiles. It’s successfully used in Chip board installation and wooden boards, ledges, cork and plaster board, metal and wood cladding. The glue can be applied on temperatures up to -7 °C.

Package: 300ml


1. Before you use the glue make sure that the surface area is clean, dry, degreased, dust free and with the right shape.

2. Depending of the sizes of the areas where you are going to glue the panels apply the glue on strips or drops. The glue must be applied on one of the two surfaces only.

3. After you glue the parts but you are not happy with the result you have 10 minutes to make the necessary corrections. After you move the parts around press hard.

4. Every element under pressure has to be backed up with and fixed with something extra, like a tape for 24 hours.

5. Use a sponge or a cloth soaked in acetone or a white spirit to remove the excess glue.

6. Leave the glued parts to dry in temperatures from +5°C to +25°C. After 24 hours the glue gets to its final hardness.

Manufacturer: Henkel

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